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Choice is the new reward!

Studio Rewards has changed - and here's the scoop.

As of February 3, 2014, the old rewards are out and the new rewards are totally IN! If you're an existing Studio Rewards member, don't fret - we've saved your existing rewards. In fact, we've taken it one step further. We "rounded up" on our old reward schedule, so you have been given the next reward in the cycle, free of charge. It's just our way of saying "thanks" for your membership.

And now, onto the ALL-NEW rewards!


Starting February 3, all Studio Rewards members receive $5 in "Concession Cash" for every $50 you spend! This means that instead of having to have a drink or popcorn, you can spend this $5 credit on ANY concession item you choose!

We have also added some really great bonuses for registered members. When you register your card online, you will receive a FREE TICKET for every 10 tickets you purchase. Plus, when you add your birthday to your account, you receive a FREE TICKET on your birthday! Tired of having to keep track of your card? We've got you covered. Just add your phone number to your account and we can look up your account at the theatre. We will never use this information to call or text you - only to look up your account and add points to your account when you visit us.

Does this sound good to you? We sure hope so.

Already a member? No worries. You're already earning toward concession cash! If you're already a registered member, you're already making your way toward free tickets! Log into your account to make sure your account profile is complete with your birthday and phone number to qualify for free birthday tickets and for card-free account lookup. Already a member, but haven't registered? Click here to register today!

If you're not a Studio Rewards member already, visit your favorite theatre and sign up for FREE today!

Questions? Read through all the official rules here.

Rialto Theatre in Casper